Take charge of your long-term brain health

There are measurable processes in your brain that govern retention, recall and processing—and the right nutrients can support them all.

KHELMA LONGEVITY MIND FORMULA is a food supplement scientifically formulated to combine sharper mental alertness and accuracy and target cognitive aging at the cellular level.

KHELMA LONGEVITY MIND FORMULA is a food supplement scientifically proven to:

  • Help support healthy memory performance
  • Promote sharper mental alertness and accuracy
  • Help encourage faster neural processing speeds
  • Slow brain atrophy associated with mild memory concerns


contains ingredients that combine sharper mental alertness and accuracy and target cognitive aging at the cellular level.

  • Bacopa monieri whole herb contains active compounds called bacosides, which protect your brain from oxidative stress and improve signaling in your hippocampus, an area of your brain in which memories are processed.
  • K-age™  innovative complex obtained from Polygonum cuspidatum (Japanese knotweed) root and Olea europea (Olive) fruit extracts which provides biologically enhanced  trans-Resveratrol. K-age™ activates the proteasome a multisubunit enzyme complex that plays a central role in the regulation of proteins that control cell-cycle progression and apoptosis and improve metabolic health, by activating  cellular sirtuin proteins (longevity factors) referred to by scientists as the “guardians of the genome” for their role in protection of genome stability during stress response.
  • Citicoline is able to potentiate neuroplasticity and is a natural precursor of phospholipid synthesis, or rather serves as a choline source in the metabolic pathways for biosynthesis of acetylcholine. Several studies have shown that it can have beneficial effects both in degenerative and in vascular cognitive decline.
  • Withania Somnifera root and leaf may be effective in enhancing both immediate and general memory in people with MCI as well as improving executive function, attention, and information processing speed. For focus, concentration, and memory, Ashwagandha has been shown in many studies to enhance all aspects of cognitive function.
  • Vitamin B6 is involved in the regulation of mental function and mood. Vitamin B6 is also an essential homocysteine re-methylation cofactor, and deficiency is associated with increase in blood homocysteine levels. Homocysteine is a risk factor for cerebrovascular disease and may also have directly toxic effects on neurons of the central nervous system.
  • Vitamin B12 also known as cobalamin, is a water-soluble vitamin. It is a cofactor in DNA synthesis and is involved in the metabolism of every cell of the human body, including the central nervous system. Those with a deficiency of B12 can present with peripheral neuropathy, pernicious anemia, or a cognitive disorder. Previous studies have revealed that a deficiency of B12 is associated with cognitive decline or Alzheimer disease.
  • Viamin B9 (Folic acid) supplementation may improve cognitive function by decreasing homocysteine (Hcy), vascular care, attenuating inflammatory status, modification of cerebral folic acid deficiency, and antioxidant responses. Importantly, when combined with B12, it is essential in the creation of new oxygen carrying blood cells.

In vitro pilot study indicates that Khelma Longevity™ is a potent proteasome activator demonstrating clear anti-ageing properties


  • Take one capsule every morning, with or without food.
  • Each box contains a 30-day supply.
  • This product is only intended for healthy adults. Do not take if you are pregnant or nursing. Consult with your physician before using.